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    199 Things to do in Las Vegas

    Original Publish: April 14, 2024 We thought we ask ChatGPT about things to do in Las Vegas. 50 things, 100 things? How much could it come up with. It’s actually quite a lot. It didn’t get to one thousand and the more we asked, the more duplicates we got, but we found 199 things to be a nice list. And of course, we knew we could improve on it… as humans. And lifetime Las Vegas Locals at that! We’ve seen it all. We’ve even seen it all come and go. Let’s dive in… “Here’s an extensive list of 199 things to do in Las Vegas:” – ChatGPT “A little vague…

  • Kelso Museum
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    LA to Las Vegas: an alternative route

    Of all the drives in the country that can be tedious, Los Angeles to Las Vegas probably ranks pretty high. Nothing but brown mountains and interstate. Although I can’t recommend a route that skips the brown, I can recommend a short historical side trip and a slightly nicer desert drive. Yes! Some desert routes are better than others! Barstow to Kelso The next time you make it to Barstow, instead of heading up the 15, take the route down the 40 east. You will have to suffer some interstate for a while longer but soon you can take the exit for Kelbaker Road and make your way through the Mojave…

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    Mirage Volcano

    [DISPLAY_ACURAX_ICONS] The Mirage Volcano is free to onlookers nightly on the Las Vegas Strip. Beginning at 6pm and every half hour until 11pm, strip-goers are dazzled by the fiery explosions mimicking a volcano eruption. Recent improvements have added even more bangs, booms, and fire, as well as a new drum beat from The Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart. While meandering down the strip, if you catch the sound of thousands of frogs who are suddenly silenced, look up and enjoy this long-running Vegas attraction. * Mirage Volcano closed for improvements January 10 – February 10, 2015.

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    Las Vegas Outdoors – Red Rock Canyon

    If you tire of the casinos one day on your visit to Las Vegas, you may be surprised by the excitement that can be had on a desert excursion. Red Rock canyon is a well-maintained and popular destination about 45 minutes from the strip.  There visitors can find activities ranging from a casual stroll beneath the canyon to rock climbing to a strenuous hike up Turtle Head peak where a beautiful view of the surrounding desert as well as a view of the strip can be enjoyed. Be sure to stop by the visitor center for exhibits on desert wildlife and flora as well as the info on how this…

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    Forum Shops Curved Escalators

    After a walk through the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace, you may notice something strange – you are riding an escalator that is not going straight down, it is in fact, taking you on a spiral journey down the middle of the 2004 addition to the mall. Curved Escalators were a new technology with this addition.  Since then, many have sprung up around the world, including another set in the lobby of the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas. They can be reached at the Forum Shops by walking the length of the Shops from the casino floor at Caesar’s Palace (turn right at the intersection), or they can be reached…

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