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    Vegas All-In Together Scenes

    A look back to the Covid Closing… On March 15, the 24-hour casinos of Las Vegas shut their doors. Like many cities around the world, concerned citizens rushed to stores fearful of a food shortage. Las Vegas, being so dependent on the Travel Industry, saw as much as a third of its residents out of work. On April 2, Caesars Entertainment announced a 90% furlough. (8newsnow) By the end of April, the mayor and other citizens began calling for the reopening of casinos. Elsewhere in the city, parks and playgrounds were closed to limit congregation of unemployed workers. As the Covid-19 shutdown extends into May, many wonder if Las Vegas…

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    Forum Shops Curved Escalators

    After a walk through the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace, you may notice something strange – you are riding an escalator that is not going straight down, it is in fact, taking you on a spiral journey down the middle of the 2004 addition to the mall. Curved Escalators were a new technology with this addition.  Since then, many have sprung up around the world, including another set in the lobby of the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas. They can be reached at the Forum Shops by walking the length of the Shops from the casino floor at Caesar’s Palace (turn right at the intersection), or they can be reached…

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