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LA to Las Vegas: an alternative route

Of all the drives in the country that can be tedious, Los Angeles to Las Vegas probably ranks pretty high. Nothing but brown mountains and interstate.

Although I can’t recommend a route that skips the brown, I can recommend a short historical side trip and a slightly nicer desert drive. Yes! Some desert routes are better than others!

Barstow to Kelso

Mojave desert
The drive to Kelso!

The next time you make it to Barstow, instead of heading up the 15, take the route down the 40 east. You will have to suffer some interstate for a while longer but soon you can take the exit for Kelbaker Road and make your way through the Mojave Desert towards Kelso.

Kelso Train Station Museum

Kelso Museum Bar
Entry way into the Kelso Museum. Imagine this bar in the early 1900s!

Kelso is an old train station that served the old steam engines making their way over the mountain pass. Now a ghost town, the train station has been converted into a Railroad and Desert museum. Free Admission!

The drive will add about 45 minutes to your drive to Las Vegas depending on your speed through the desert roads. You will have these roads mostly to yourself… not that I’m advocating anything! Enjoy your next stay in Las Vegas and be sure to stop in Baker for a Gyro!

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