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    Paris Las Vegas Spa and Fitness Center Review (Paris Spa by Mandara)

    On to the next Las Vegas Spa and Fitness Center with my Diamond Card. After the pleasant experience last week at Harrah’s, I was hoping to be even more surprised. Well, in most ways, what I expected out of the slightly more stylish Paris Las Vegas was barely satisfied and in other ways, I was more impressed with Harrah’s. Fitness Center in a box! Ok, so the roughest criticism I’m going to have is first. And maybe this is just a personal preference, but I hate working out in a room with no windows and no sunlight. This is Las Vegas! We need sun! That said, there was plenty of…

  • Harrah's pool from fitness center
    Reviews,  Spa and Fitness Centers

    Harrah’s Spa and Fitness Center Review – A pleasant Surprise!

    When I arrived at the 4th floor Spa and Fitness center at Harrah’s Las Vegas and brandished my Diamond Card to gain access, my expectations of a mediocre gym experience were quickly squashed. In fact, I was about to enjoy a rigorous workout in a well-appointed, clean, and spacious fitness center with a view. View of Harrah’s Pool One thing that will annoy me about resort fitness centers the most is lack of windows or windows that face inner corridors. Not a problem here! One side of the fitness center is floor to ceiling glass facing the pool. Fitness center free weights Free weights galore! When compared to other hotel…

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    Total Rewards Advantages

    When it comes to players cards in Las Vegas, you will find they are all pretty common. The comp rates are the same, and most cards have now combined your spending with your gambling allowing you to attain high levels with both spending and gambling. I have a friend who achieved Diamond (2nd highest tier) simply from his spending at Las Vegas night clubs. The Diamond card is where Total Rewards shines. There are a few products with the Total Rewards Diamond card which may benefit you more than other programs. Diamond Lounge access Spa and Fitness Center Access Pool Access Diamond Lounge Access This is the biggest benefit and…

  • Comps & Cashback

    Total Rewards CC

    Spend much time at Total Rewards casinos?  What if I told you, you could get a 5% discount in the form of comps on anything you buy at the hotel? You’d do it wouldn’t you? The Total Rewards visa card provides exactly that. For every purchase you make, you receive reward credits equal to 5%. Total Rewards Credit Card But that is not all: just for signing up and spending $750 in the first three months, you will receive reward credits worth $100.  That is a nice dinner or part of your next stay and is a no brainer since the card carries no annual fee. Get the bonus and…

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    Mirage Volcano

    [DISPLAY_ACURAX_ICONS] The Mirage Volcano is free to onlookers nightly on the Las Vegas Strip. Beginning at 6pm and every half hour until 11pm, strip-goers are dazzled by the fiery explosions mimicking a volcano eruption. Recent improvements have added even more bangs, booms, and fire, as well as a new drum beat from The Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart. While meandering down the strip, if you catch the sound of thousands of frogs who are suddenly silenced, look up and enjoy this long-running Vegas attraction. * Mirage Volcano closed for improvements January 10 – February 10, 2015.

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